mental software A NOVEL

"mental software is the modern spiritual allegory we have been waiting to download—"

In this dark age of materialism which seeks to erase the essence of the human soul, a man's spiritual death leads to a mystical experience, revealing the universe's code for an epiphany that inspires scripture and sacred texts that have existed since the dawn of philosophical thinking. From that state of interconnected bliss, his brother's murder pulls him down into the darkest recesses of his mind. He struggles to keep his foothold in reality and not lose sight of what is most important to him. 


His story is a gripping one filled with traumatic and emotional pain, followed by a healing journey rooted in forgiveness. It serves as a spirit guide to be open to true human potential during this time of pandemic and geopolitical uncertainty by recognizing the meaningful signs and pathways the universe is offering all the time. It forces the examination of life's biggest questions and misconceptions while being able to move forward and see the world with a renewed sense of hope and spiritual optimism.   

The glory of Him, who moves all things, penetrates the universe, and glows in one region more, in another less. I have been in that Heaven that knows his light most, and have seen things, which whoever descends from there has neither power, nor knowledge, to relate: because as our intellect draws near to its desire, it reaches such depths that memory cannot go back along the track. Nevertheless, whatever, of the sacred regions, I had power to treasure in my mind, will now be the subject of my labour. 


— Paradiso Canto I:1-36 Dante’s Invocation - Dante Aleghieri